Best home movie night snacks

Tamil Movies Online: Best home movie night snacks

One of the best things about watching movies in the theatre is being able to eat delicious popcorn and candy, and slurping that cold soda in your hand. While there are no snack bars at home during the home movie night, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have snacks while watching your favourite movies.

You can still prepare delicious snacks at home before your movie night, some cold drinks to fully immerse yourself in watching movies. What’s better is that you can have the snacks that you usually can’t have in movie theatres. Take a look at some of the best snacks you can prepare for your movie night:


No movie night is complete without popcorn and there are a lot of varieties you can get. You can get light buttered or even cheese microwaveable popcorn for a hot treat. Not only are they easy to prepare, you can also buy in bulk for a low price and store them in case you need an emergency snack.

If you want more variety, you can buy popcorn sold in tubs but with a lot of unique flavours to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something sweet and salty, some caramel popcorn or even chocolate and white chocolate-cheddar once. You’ve got to try them all.

As a twist, you can also add trailmix like small pieces of chocolate, nuts, and dried fruits like raisins. Not only will you have a unique bucket of popcorn, they also taste great.

Cheese fries

Aside from popcorn, fries are the next best thing to snack on while watching a movie. They can be crispy when they’re hot but not loud enough like chips to disrupt the movie. They’re also easy to eat one-handed by placing your fries on your lap and your drink in one hand. What makes fries better is to have them homemade, and then smothered with melted cheese.

Not only does it taste more delicious with melted cheese than with powdered ones, but you can also even have a healthier version of them. Instead of frying the fries, pop them in the oven instead. If you’re not fond of messy, melted cheese, you can shake the fries instead of spices such as garlic powder, rosemary, seasoned salt, or even barbecue sauce for a unique flavour.


Nachos are one of the messiest foods you can have and with the dark theatre, it’s hard to see whether you’re catching the dripping melted cheese on the box, or on your lap. That’s why it’s a great snack to have at home instead, especially since you can make your own toppings, sauces or dips, making it one of the most versatile snacks to have.

You can go for the cheese, mayo and ground beef combo but why not add a few more ingredients to that? You can add some chillies and onions for more crunch and taste. You can also change the sauce and use garlic mayo instead for instance, or even barbecue sauce. If you feel like splurging a bit, you can buy a small amount of pork, cook it in barbecue sauce and mince them for toppings. The possibilities are endless.


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