Bollywood movies and why they are so unique

Tamil Movies: Bollywood movies and why they are so unique

India is known for its delicious food, rich culture, and popular movies. The Bollywood industry is a large one, spanning a massive viewer range and entertaining tons of people both in India and in other parts of the world. This is why we at Tamil Movies Online are always looking for the best movies that are sure to entertain you. 

Even though Bollywood isn’t exactly the epitome of the film industry, it still has a lot to offer. Plus, lots of people in India and around the world enjoy watching Bollywood films because the plot is simple and entertaining. Take a look at some of the reasons why these films are so unique and why you should consider watching them. 

Bollywood movies have no specific genre

The more you watch Bollywood films, the more you will notice that it doesn’t have a specific genre. There will be times when you will come across a dramatic romance film and other times where you will see some satirical comedy. Either way, you can be sure that you will never get bored with the many options to choose from. 

So, you can choose a Bollywood film depending on your mood. Whether you’re feeling like watching some action, romance or drama, you’re sure to find a movie that suits your mood. 

Bollywood movies can be a little outrageous 

Another thing that sets Bollywood films apart from others is the sets, costumes, special effects and movie plots. Think of your typical dramatic soap opera and turn it up by 100 per cent. The costumes in these movies are so colourful and have different accessories, hairstyles and makeup involved. 

The same goes for the plot and special effects of the film. You will witness outrageous events that don’t typically happen in real life, like women falling from great heights and the leading man flying to save her at the last minute. The CGI and overall storylines of the movies are very different, and you can’t find anything similar to them. 

Bollywood movies have a lot of songs 

The locals in India say that Bollywood movies usually have a minimum of 3 songs in each film. This is a lot considering the movies aren’t classified as musicals. Every dramatic moment and a big celebration is met with some lively songs. 

The songs featured in Bollywood films are usually dramatic and known to be catchy. Even if it’s your first time watching a film like this, you could have some of the songs on loop in your head even after the movie is over. 

Bollywood movies feature many dance segments 

Since there are a lot of songs in Bollywood films, it only makes sense that there will be a lot of dance segments as well. You will often find the main characters of the film mouthing the words to the song and leading their co-stars to perform it with them. Even bystanders who are seemingly unrelated to the plot will join in on the dances as well!


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