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Kennedy Club (2019)

Kennedy Club is a Tamil-language sports drama film. It was released on 22nd of August of 2019. The story was written and directed by Suseenthiran, one of the well-known brilliant directors in Tamil cinema. The majority of his films got financial profit.


The story revolves around the lives of an almost 70-year-old ex-army man (Savarimuthu/Savarim), his former student (Muruganadham/Murugan), and a group of deprived yet skilled women kabaddi athletes. For these women, the passion for sports wasn’t their ideal reason. Instead, they pursue it to support their families. To them, kabaddi could be their ticket outside of poverty. They wish to support their households, represent the State, and hopefully land a good, meaningful job. 


Savarim spends most of his remaining earnings on training the women athletes. But, due to his old sickness that caused a sudden heart attack, the coach falls sick and becomes briefly unable to lead the team. Murugan, who is working in Railways Sports Quota, was instantly called to coach the players for the time being. The story follows the team’s struggles and unjust events as they compete in a national-level championship. 


The film never missed a shot in covering all the common sports drama film cliches. It involved the story themes of bad versus good, rise and fall, and of course, politics, corruption, and hierarchy. Kennedy Club, like any other sports films, aims to drive and excite every athlete, more so the players in the Kabaddi sport. It wishes to reject the common inhouse malpractices in the sports realm. 


That said, the story in the paper was engaging. Their intent was good and wise. But, their directorial execution and acting performances, which reached the big screens, received an average of 4 to 5 nods (out of 10) based on reviews and critiques. Read below to find out what people, not to mention journalists, have said about this film.   

Film details

Film certificate: U Certificate 


CAST: (Actor/Actress as Character)


  • Sasikumar as Murugan
  • Bharathiraja as Savarim
  • Meenakshi as Meenkashi
  • Soori as Subramani
  • Murali Sharma as Mukesh
  • Neethu (no film name)
  • Sowmya (no film name)
  • Asha as Regina
  • Chetan (no film name)
  • Smriti (no film name)
  • Pillayar Ruthru (no film name)
  • Hasna (no film name)
  • Vidya (no film name)
  • Vrinda (no film name)
  • Florent Pereira (no film name)


Note: the actors without character names are kabaddi players in real life. 


Production company: Nallusamy Pictures

Music by: D. Imman

Music studio: D. Imman VGP Studios

Release date: August 22, 2019 (Release date of its official trailer was launched on July 31, 2019)

Running time: 118 minutes

Film reviews and critiques

Here are some of the comments and reviews by film critics and other internet users.

News articles


An article from The Indian Express described the film in their littlest statement, ‘an average and uninspiring sports drama that has little to say’. In spite of the perfect casting, and engaging visuals of every game, the execution of the story didn’t seem to grab the attention of the viewers. It was, for them, a usual and formulaic Indian sports drama.


The film highlights women’s empowerment through the realm of sports. There was the typical film template, such as the talent breakthrough, consistent shameful loss, and politics, and where it finally ends with great wins.


Another article, from an Indian daily newspaper called The New Indian Express, shares the same sentiments with other leading film reviews. The writer called it as another addition in the kabaddi sequences with a ‘generic story of upliftment’. According to him, the story intended to be good but somehow lacked power. It, therefore, diminished the story’s meaningful message.


Having that said, the journalist praised the casting of the kabaddi players. The director made the right choice for choosing in-real-life women athletes. They didn’t show enough care to be demure nor managed to look attractive for cinema viewers. There were no pretences nor blush on as they played each game scene.


The film is indeed generic. It is, after all, a marketed film. Behind the story’s constancy, it still adheres to its goal and main message. It tells its viewers to let women play sports, and it reminds the parents that marriage will never be a saving tool against poverty. All in all, the writer suggests that the film’s foreseen storyline is as almost as good in watching films of light genres.

Internet comments


  • ‘This film should be appreciated… The players have lived to the expectation and they were able to deliver it to perfection. I am also amazed by the skill set of the director. He does his movies with so much passion’. – Madhusudhanan


  • ‘It is such a great movie! It showcases women’s struggle in the kabaddi game, in spite of being a regular sports movie. It was a common screenplay, but the casting was almost perfect’. – Rem Nandy


  • ‘The film’s running time is 2 hours. I liked how it didn’t veer away from the plot. Add to that, I commend the background music the most because it reminds me of the 2018 Seemaraja film. All in all, I suggest that you try it as well’. – Karthik V.


  • ‘There are so many sports movies in Tamil cinema. This film comes next to my favourite one, which is the 2016 Irudhi Suttru. I understand the struggle of getting sports quota because they are never easy in real life. The matches, on the other hand, are truly commendable as they seemed very real. One thing I learned from this film is that money only speaks’. – Kalai Vani


  • ‘Indeed, the film has a good story. But, its execution wasn’t properly done. It resulted in an utter boring sports drama. For example, there were so many one-line mushy songs every in-between game. All in all, I give this film 2 stars’. – Arjun Tk


  • ‘Although there are flaws in the screenplay, the games were perfectly planned. Perhaps, the film’s most memorable scene would be the final match for it really brought us to the edge of the seats’. – Renga


  • ‘Fantastic movie! I enjoyed it a lot. The scenes were nicely done, more so the game matches’. – Sankaran

What is Kabaddi?

Kabaddi is a contact team sport. It is played between two opposing teams where each has 7 players. The objective of the game shares likeness with the American Football. In general, athletes of both sports have to be strong, agile, and good physique. 


The goal for each team is for a single offence player, who’s referred to as a ‘raider’, run into the opposing team’s half-court, tag out as many of the rival team’s defenders as possible, and return to their own half-court without being tackled by the other team.


The point system follows the number of tags by the offence player, while the other team earns by the number of times of stopping the raider.


Although the source of the game is uncertain, accounts of kabaddi appear to be mostly seen in the histories of ancient India. It was only in the 20th century when the sport gained recognition and global fame. Today, it is the national sport of Bangladesh, and it is widely played in the Indian subcontinent and other Asian countries. The highest governing body of this sport is the International Kabaddi Federation, whose membership has 31 countries. 

Kabaddi in popular culture: films

  • Gunga Jumna (1961) 
  • Kudumba Thalaivan (1962) 
  • Ganga Ki Saugandh (1978) 
  • Naseeb (1981) 
  • Little Buddha (1993) 
  • Pardes (1997) 
  • Hu Tu Tu (1999) 
  • Kabaddi Kabaddi (2003) 
  • Okkadu (2003) 
  • Ghilli (2006 Tamil Movie) 
  • Ajay (2006) 
  • Kabaddi (2009) 
  • Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu (2009 Tamil Movie) 
  • Bheemli Kabadi Jattu (2010) 
  • Chal Dhar Pakad (2010) 
  • Kabaddi Ik Mohabbat (2010) 
  • Kabaddi Once Again (2012) 
  • Badlapur Boys (2014) 
  • Tevar (2015) 
  • Thoppil Joppan (2016) 
  • Georgettan’s Pooram (2017) 
  • Bathhi Kabaddi League (2017) 
  • Student of the Year 2 (2019) 
  • Vennila Kabaddi Kuzhu 2 (2019 Tamil Movie) 
  • Panga (film) (2020)


There you have it! We hope that you find this review useful about the film Kennedy Club. In spite of the general negative comments from journalists and other esteemed writers, always remember that a film is created to serve its purpose. Kennedy Club targets to excite the wishful and hopeful athletes. If it worked on them then it’s already a winning film. 

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