Mannar Vagaiyara (2018)

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Tamil Movies Online HD Film: Mannar Vagaiyara (2018)


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Mannar Vagaiyara (2018)

Mannar Vagaiyara, or ‘Rulers Clan’ in English, is a family action romantic comedy film. It was released on 26th of January 2018. The story was written and directed by G. Boopathy Pandian. It revolves around the lovesick struggles between two opposing families.


Two brothers named Madhi and Ariva are smitten with two girls named Ilaya and Selva. These women happen to be sisters from their rival families.


Madhi and Ariva are sons of Govin and Meera. These are highly respected people in their town. Ilaya and Selva, on the other hand, are daughters of Rajan and Kalaiya. They also have a brother whose name is JP.


Everything goes smoothly until the family of the two girls become hostile with Karuna’s. He is a local businessman and in a tight connection with Rajan. In order to unite both clans, the mother suggests that Selva marries Karuna’s brother. As a result, she defies the idea and eloped on the day of her wedding. To everyone’s surprise, she went with Ariva. The couple’s escape was supported with the help of Madhi. Due to this, the families (Govin’s, Rajan’s and Karuna’s) disowned them.


The marriage, on the contrary, still pushed through. But this time, it’s Ilaya as the bride. Govin then finds out that Madi and Ilaya are in a covert relationship. He gets furious and chides his son’s love affair. 


Due to this, Madi then decides to give up his love so that the two houses can be united. All the same with Selva’s case, the second sister went missing on the day of her wedding. Govin thought that her absence had something to do with his son, but he denies any claims.


Did Ilaya really run away? Will Ariva and Selva start a life together on their own? What do you think will happen with Madi as he’s left in town? Find more about the funny and shocking turn of events of this story.

Film reviews (audience)


  • ‘I saw this movie while I was riding a bus. I couldn’t help myself but to watch it. But, I have to say that it was an obsolete movie.’ – Vijaya
  • ‘Very good entertaining movie. It’s a definite one time watch, but worth it!’ – Divya
  • ‘I was laughing my heart out in many scenes. It’s a good watch!’ – Akhila


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