Tips on how to host a movie night

Tamil Movies Online: Tips on how to host a movie night

So, you’re in charge of hosting a movie night? If you’re a little lost on what you should do and where to start, we have got you covered! Tamil Movies Online presents you with a quick but informative guide on preparing for the best movie marathon ever!

Choose what movies to watch

It can be hard to select the best movies to watch, especially if everyone’s favourite genre clashes with one another. One person may be into romantic comedies while others prefer action movies.

To settle this, you can try different approaches such as taking turns or preparing a draw lot. For instance, you can ask everyone to write down the movie they want to watch and one of you will draw from a hat. You can also allot the first film for the children and the subsequent ones to the adults who are allowed to stay up late. 

Make a theme

Take your movie night up a notch by creating a theme. Everyone would have to dress up according to the theme and you can put up decorations.

For instance, if you’re going for a Marvel Cinematic Universe marathon, you can use superhero-themed cups and plates for your food. You can also hang various weapons and armour cutouts on the wall. If you want to do the whole nine yard, you can require everyone to dress up as their favourite superhero for the night.

Set up the movie viewing area

Whether you’re holding your movie party in the garden or the living room, you can have a more enjoyable time if you have a good setup of the place. A setup with poor visual quality, messy environment and an unpleasant smell can ruin your night despite how prepared you are in other props. 

Make sure that you provide each person with a comfortable seat where they can sit back and relax throughout the movie. Double-check the sound system to see if it’s loud enough to reach the back of the room or that the echo doesn’t ruin the sound.

Prepare some snacks

A movie night is not complete without delicious foods you can share with everyone. Don’t forget to buy your favourite snacks and drinks so you’d have something to munch on as you watch. You can also opt to prepare your own foods such as baking some cookies and mixing some drinks.

Assign everyone a task

Although you’re hosting the gathering, it doesn’t mean that you have to do all the preparations for your move night. You can assign everyone a task that you think they can execute well.

For instance, if someone enjoys arts and crafts, they can take the role of creating decorations that will be put on the walls and tables. If someone is knowledgeable about computers and other equipment, they can set up the television set and the sound system.


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