Vinnaithandi Vantha Angel (2018)

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Vinnaithandi Vantha Angel (2018)

Tamil Movies Online presents Vinnaithandi Vantha Angel, a fantasy-comedy movie directed by Bahubali K. Palani. Starring Naga Anvesh, Hebah Patel, and Sapthagiri as the trio of main protagonists. The villains are played by Sayaji Shinde, Pradeep Rawat, and Suman Talwar. The deuteragonist is played by Kabir Duhan Singh.

Music is directed by Sindhurapuvvu Krishna Reddy with lyrics from Snehan. Cinematography by Gunasekaran, dialogues by V. Prebhakar, and editing by Chotta K. Prasad. Movie action choreography by Stunt Jashuva. Sindhurapuvvu Krishna Reddy is both the producer and the screenplay writer of the film.


The story begins at an excavation site. Plenty of workers are digging the grown and tilling it with hoes and steel rods until one of the workers struck a hard point. The steel rod bounced and floated in mid-air, vibrating as it hovered with no one touching it. Another worker saw and struck the same spot which repeated the event. This is it. The rest of the crew began digging with their bare hands and revealed a golden statue of a deity. 

The golden statue was lifted by crane and brought to a warehouse where goons led by Suman Talwar’s character began discussing the state of the artefact. One of the goons, played by Sayadi Shinde, is a middle man who has a buyer for the holy artefact. Shinde assigned two smugglers to transport the statue to the buyer. 

These two smugglers are Nani [Naga Anvesh] and Giri [Sapthagiri]. They are a strong and confident pair whom Shinde’s character has full confidence in. As they were transporting the goods, they arrived at a checkpoint. The cargo wasn’t searched but the mischief they caused at the checkpoint to pass through resulting in a car chase. Although the police were lost, the duo continued to drive through the forest until they eventually crashed.

The crash broke the van they were driving so it had to be repaired. Giri thought that it’s going to take time so he invited Nani to drink alcohol. The pair enjoyed some improvised cocktails together with plastic cups until they are both black-out drunk. 

Giri passed out and Nani went around cursing his situation until he saw the beautiful golden statue. It was modelled after an attractive woman with a nice face and body so the inebriated Nani began flirting with it. As soon as he passed out, the statue became Nakshatra [Hebah Patel], one of the daughters of Indra, the King of Gods in Hindu Mythology.  

The sober Nani and Giri met Nakshatra as soon as they woke up and discovered that she doesn’t remember anything. However, she has a deep fascination for all human creations such as the city, the night life, and its parties. The two smugglers are now guides to their amnesiac tag-along! However, the goons are still searching for that artefact and Indra has sent Garuda [Kabir Duhan Singh] to recover his daughter. Find out how their adventures unfold at Tamil Movies Online!


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