Balloon (2018)

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Balloon: A Meta Horror-Comedy Experience 

Are you looking for a movie that will make you scream and laugh at the same time? We here at Tamil Movies Online have the right movie for you. 


Are you a fan of the horror-comedy movie genre? Balloon is an Indian Tamil language horror-comedy movie that was written and directed by Sinish Sreedharan and produced by 70MM Films. 


This is the second major motion picture for the new director Sinish. The movie was released in theaters on December 29, 2017. It features Chennai 600028 star Jai as the lead actor and Singam star Anjali as the lead actress. It also features Ithu Thaanda Police star Janani Iyer in the supporting role. 


We here at Tamil Movies Online are going to give you all of the information about this terrifying and funny movie. 


Jeevanandam played by Jai is an aspiring filmmaker who wanted to make a horror movie about a haunted house that he knew about through a Facebook post in the hopes of making it big as a film director. He moved to a guest house near the haunted house with his wife Jacqueline which is played by Anjali, his nephew Pappu played by Master Rishi and two friends. 


After moving to the guest house, the family began experiencing different strange things. Their nephew was lured by a balloon and ended up befriending a ghost girl. 


They searched for a priest that helps the family get rid of the ghost after the family realized they’re being targeted by the ghost that resides in the haunted house. 


With the help of the priest, they discovered that Jeeva was a hero named Charlie in his previous life and he discovered that he experienced unfairness in his previous life. Jeeva took his revenge on the villains for the injustice he experienced. 


It is revealed that the priest that helped them is a spirit and the ghost that was playing tricks on their family are people that we’re victims of the villains before they turned into spirits. 


After the villain is defeated, they finally leave the place and the camera pans out. It is revealed that the movie is being currently played in a movie theatre. Jai, Jaqueline, and the other actors are shown watching the film by the filmmaker, the real Jeevanandham played by Raj Tarun. 


The film ends with a special cameo by Raja Ravindra having a phone call with the real Jeeva. He demanded money for the film since it has some controversial content until the real ghost appeared and killed Raja. 


  • Jai as Jeevanandham, Charlie, and himself
  • Anjali as Jacqueline and herself
  • Janani Iyer as Shenbagavalli and herself
  • Yogi Babu as Paanda and himself
  • Nagineedu as Community Leader
  • Joy Mathew as Father Andrews
  • Ramachandran Durairaj as Henchman
  • K. S. G. Venkatesh as Cinema Producer
  • Subbu Panchu Arunachalam as Jeeva’s brother
  • Master Rishi as Pappu, Jeeva’s nephew
  • Baby Monica as Joy, Charlie’s adopted daughter
  • Gayathri Raja as Shenbagavalli’s friend
  • Karthik Yogi as Arokkiam
  • Poster Nandakumar as himself
  • P. L. Thenappan as himself 
  • Supergood Subramani as himself
  • Raj Tarun as Jeevanandham (cameo)
  • Chandini Tamilarasan as Jeevanandham’s girlfriend (cameo)
  • Raja Ravindra (cameo)


After Sinish finished writing the script, Jai signed a contract with Sinish in March 2016 to appear in a Tamil horror comedy film. They previously worked together in the 2014 movie Endrendrum and the canceled film Vettai Mannan.   


Despite releasing a public statement back in 2011 that Anjali won’t appear in films that have Jai as the lead actor, she was cast to be the lead actress in June 2016, one month before the production began. 


Balloon was produced by Dhilip Subbarayan, Arun Balaji, and Kandasamy Nandakumar and the production began in July 2016 and was released in December 2017. The soundtrack of the film was composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja and Arunraja Kamaraj. 


The film was released on December 29, 2017, in Tamil Nadu. It has a run time of 139 minutes. The movie was broadcasted throughout the country after the broadcasting station Zee Tamil released the film. In January 2019, the film was released in HDRip format. 


The film received mixed reviews from critics saying that the movie was too formulaic and was just another horror-comedy movie. The Hindu wrote, ‘Balloon is uninventive and ends up repeating sequences from earlier horror flicks’.


Other media agencies praised the film like the Firstpost. They wrote, ‘Balloon is a well-made horror-comedy that provides the necessary thrill needed for the genre’. Even though the film had mixed reviews it still performed well at the box office.


Any film has its own controversy and Balloon has its own too. The film’s producer, 70 MM Films, filed a complaint against Jai to the Tamil Film Producers Council due to his unprofessional behavior that delayed the film’s production and release. Jai was allegedly drunk when shooting some scenes of the movie, always leaving the set early so he could get drunk that resulted in the delay of the production. Jai’s action made the director depressed and led him to attempt suicide. 

Our review

We know that reading the article is not enough to keep you hooked and watch the movie. But here in Tamil Movies Online, we want to give you the full experience without spoiling the movie Here is our review of the movie. 


It starts as a self-referential movie and it narrates like a self-story. This is the first horror-comedy film from Sinish. The movie adapts the popular horror movie tropes even self-referencing which makes it meta. Balloon is a solid movie that utilizes and makes the most common horror movie tropes satisfying to watch. 


The movie has a great ensemble. Yogi Babu brings much-needed laughter to make every scene more fun. Jai, Anjali, and Janani do their part well to make the movie more fun. Even though the story of the movie becomes slow in the middle. They made sure that moviegoers won’t be at ease when they’re watching the movie. 


The cinematography and the soundtrack were very pleasing to watch. It complements and elevates the different scenes in the movie.


We all know that horror is a hard genre to do and even though the movie doesn’t bring anything new to the horror-comedy genre. Balloon will entertain you and you will enjoy your time watching it.  


We hope that you enjoy reading this article and you will watch our film recommendation Balloon. If you want to read other reviews and synopses, please feel free to browse our website for more recommendations.

Other recommendations

If you like Balloon and would like to see other Tamil language horror movies. Here are some recommendations from Tamil Movies Online


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Aadhi and Sindhu Menon star in this film that was released on Youtube. This follows Vasu, a police officer that was forced to investigate the suicide of his ex-girlfriend. He discovers that unexplainable forces were in play and was behind the deaths. The movie doesn’t have many loopholes but the premise is backed by logic and is told with great cinematography. 

Demonte Colony

Released by SonyLIV, this story revolves around an urban legend of a haunted house called Demonte Colony. This story follows four friends as they decide to visit the haunted house in the colony and experience different extraordinary things. 


Pisaasu may be slow-paced and lack the regular tropes of other horror films but that works to its advantage. Released by Disney+ Hotstar, this film was directed by Mysskinpf. The execution of the plot will not leave you disappointed. The story of the film follows a man experiencing different paranormal activities in his house after the death of a girl he tried to save.


Released by MX Player in 2004 and acquired by Youtube, this movie is a remake of the original Ram Gopal Varma’s Bhoot.  It follows the story of Vasanth and Malini as they encounter supernatural occurrences after moving into a new home. It stars Prashant and Meena as the lead actors. The remake was popular upon its release. 


The story follows three depressed individuals, they traveled to a beach house to commit suicide. They don’t know that the beach house they rented was haunted as they experience supernatural occurrences. This film was released in January 2015 and was directed by Sam Anton. It stars G. V. Prakash Kumar, Nikki Galrani, and Bala Saravanan. 



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