Film Fatale: What to Expect from Annadurai

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Film Fatale: What to Expect from Annadurai


Are you a fan of action and drama? Here is a film that will take you down a road you will never forget. Tamil Movies Online honours the cinematic culture of the Tamil people of India and this feature talks about Annadurai, a film about revenge, love, and redemption. If you are an avid cinema fan, learn more about Tamil-based films on our website! 


First released in 2017, producers Fatima Vijay Antony and Radikaa Sarathkumar sought to bring to life a dramatic story that will shine above its action-clad plot. The Tamil-language film stars Vijay Antony in his most challenging roles yet. He also composed the musical score and served as film editor during post-production. 


Antony plays the titular lead named Annadurai, a widow who turned to alcohol as a way to cope with his grief over the death of his wife. Following a bloodline of wrathful members in his family, he fell into a mishap after drunkenly killing a bartender at a wedding. Annadurai spirals down quickly after getting arrested and sentenced to 7 years in prison. 


Meanwhile, his good-natured brother, Thambidurai, follows suit in a string of bad luck due to Annadurai’s image in his hometown. His father gets robbed of their textile business and the situation only worsens Thambidurai’s impatience. His anger led him to get involved in corrupt activities. 


His illegal ventures eventually earned him profit and a feared reputation among the townspeople. When Annadurai is released from jail, he is shocked to see his good-natured brother has long transformed into a whole new person. Since his criminal history caused a lot of pain in his family, Annadurai’s parents disowned him. 


He then tries to earn back his family’s property by threatening the person who took it by false charges. The tactic proved to be a success after Annadurai won back what was rightfully theirs. All of his shares were then given to the daughter of his victim. 


Thambidurai’s relationship with his corrupt business partner worsens, leading him to commit murder. Despite his fearful reputation, his moral compass remained intact after deciding to surrender himself to the officials. Even after pleading guilty, Thambidurai gets falsely accused in a murder he did not commit.


Annadurai prepares a desperate plan to pose as his brother and get him out of jeopardy. He succeeds in freeing his brother but gets killed in the process. Thambidurai learns that Annadurai’s plan to fool the police into thinking that he was the convicted murderer was an act of love. 


The film ends with Thambiduari getting happily married to his beloved and living a life as a good-natured person. While the film itself received mixed reviews from critics, it displayed the artistic capabilities of Vijay Antony, the lead actor. Many other producers sought to recreate the film into various versions. It continues to entertain many audiences today. 


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