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Tamil Movies Online: Most inspirational anime

Anime is one of the most dominant mediums in the media today. It is something that both adults and children can enjoy, which adds to its allure. Here at Tamil Movies Online, we handpicked the best anime that will show you what it means to do better and why you should never give up on a dream. Take a look at the list below and see which shows will inspire you the most! 

Whisper of the Heart

Whisper of the heart is one of the most memorable Studio Ghibli movies that will make you fall in love with its retro classic vibe. Its story is full of simple yet awe-inspiringly beautiful moments between two people who each have a dream that they want to follow. In the story, we have Shizuku who is an avid bibliophile. She loves to write and read but she doesn’t know whether to pursue this dream of hers. 

One faithful day, she encountered Seiji, a talented craftsman who is passionate about carving violins. Their relationship was rocky at first, but they eventually formed a beautiful bond which later sparked romance until Seiji announced that he will be leaving to follow his dream of making violins at Cremona. 

Shizuku is happy for her friend but she is also jealous of the fact that he already moved forward towards his dream while she is still stuck trying to figure things out about her future. She then decided that she will try to pursue her dream the same way Seiji did and wrote her first novel, Whisper of the Heart. 


Haikyuu is a mainstream anime series that has a lot of inspiring characters. Every single person in Haikyuu has a story to tell and a challenge in their career that they tried to overcome through hard work and determination. One of the highlights is Hinata and his struggle to go beyond the limits that everyone imposed on him and challenge himself to reach the top. 

What’s beautiful about Haikyuu is that there is no antagonist nor are there any protagonists. They are all just people who are passionate about volleyball, trying their best to prove to the world that they are the best. Each character struggled with their own fight and it shows the story of every side of the court. 

March comes in like a lion

March comes in like a lion is an anime that is barely heard of. It is a slice of life show that portrays the relatable life of Rei Kiriyama, a brilliant shogi player. Rei is someone who is always haunted by his depressing past and the feeling of worthlessness. 

The beauty of this anime lies in how accurately it portrays depression and every step that Rei did to pull himself out of a dark place. He chose to always move forward even when it isn’t easy.       


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