Yemaali (2018)

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Tamil Movies Online HD Film: Yemaali (2018)


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Yemaali (2018)

Yemaali, or ‘Naive’ in English, is a romantic comedy-drama film. It was released on 2nd of February of 2018. The story was written and directed by V.Z. Durai. He is known for having a track record of unique, experimental films.


The story revolves around the lives of Aravindh (Arvind), Mali, and Ritu (Ri). The film, if it isn’t noticed by many, justifies the act of lawlessness that is draped with cinematic humour lines and scenes.


Ri and Mali are couples, and both worked in the IT industry. Like any other 21st century young couples, their relationship manifests physical intimacy, young-love wildness, and of course, uncertainty. The two dated for nearly 2 years, but all of a sudden Ri called for a breakup. She said that she wants to proceed with her life on her own. Mali, on the other hand, took the news horribly. It was so vile that killing Ri came across in Mali’s mind.


Mali tells his shocking case to his closest friend, Arvind. To them, they are like brothers from different mothers. Arvind’s presence eases the gloomy condition of Mali. He helped him move on from his ex-girlfriend. But, their ways aren’t the usual proceedings. To make Mali’s state better, Arvind approves of helping his friend murder Ri.


Arvind suggests that they sketch a plan prior to killing the girl. They studied their schemes and the would-be-causes from the cops’ point of view.


Did the two best friends thrive with their plan? What do you think will happen to Mali if Ri is forever gone from his life? Will he be satisfied? Find out more about the story’s plot twists and characters’ discoveries only here on our site.

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Film reviews (audience)

  • Nice concept. I admire the message that the director is trying to tell us’. – Meerah
  • ‘It’s really intriguing to watch the movie. Each and every actor performed well’. – Jay 
  • ‘Worst movie I’ve ever witnessed. I like the concept, but I didn’t expect its outcome’. Vinith
  • ‘I didn’t expect that the honorable director would do this kind of story. I have a lot of respect for him’. – Sathish
  • ‘The story and concept wasn’t that bad. But, it would have been better if the director could take it in some other angle’. – Gopikrishna

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